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CP Desoutter

CP Desoutter DR500-P1000 Pistol Air Drill, Chuckless 1,000 rpm 2051476604

CP Desoutter Pistol Air Drill, 1,000rpm, Chuckless (DR500-P1000) 2051476604

CP Desoutter DR500-P1400 Pistol Air Drill, Chuckless 1,400 rpm 2051476634

CP Desoutter Pistol Air Drill, 1,400rpm, Chuckless (DR500-P1400) 2051476634

CP Desoutter DR500-P1800 Pistol Air Drill, Chuckless 1,800 rpm 2051476664

CP Desoutter Pistol Air Drill, 1,800rpm, Chuckless (DR500-P1800) 2051476664

CP Desoutter DR500-P18500 Pistol Air Drill, Chuckless 18,500 rpm 2051476784

CP Desoutter Pistol Air Drill, 18,500rpm, Chuckless (DR500-P18500) 2051476784

CP Desoutter DR500-P2700 Pistol Air Drill, Chuckless 2,700 rpm 2051476694

CP Desoutter Pistol Air Drill, 2,700rpm, Chuckless (DR500-P2700) 2051476694

CP Desoutter DR500-P400 Pistol Air Drill, Chuckless 400 rpm 2051476544

CP Desoutter Pistol Air Drill, 400rpm, Chuckless (DR500-P400) 2051476544

CP Desoutter DR500-P4300 Pistol Air Drill, Chuckless 4,300 rpm 2051476724

CP Desoutter Pistol Air Drill, 4,300rpm, Chuckless (DR500-P43000) 2051476724

CP Desoutter DR500-P5800 Pistol Air Drill, Chuckless 5,800 rpm 2051476754

CP Desoutter Pistol Air Drill, 5,800rpm, Chuckless (DR500-P5800) 2051476754

CP Desoutter DR500-P600 Pistol Air Drill, Chuckless 600 rpm 2051476574

CP Desoutter Pistol Air Drill, 600rpm, Chuckless (DR500-P600) 2051476574

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Desoutter DR500 Pistol Drill Chuckless 0.68hp

Choosing the right Desoutter Pistol Grip Drills
• Ideal for all general industrial drilling tasks
• Drilling capacity up to 13mm (1/2\") Ø steel
• Best ergonomic shape - single and double handed use
• Use of side handle recommended for larger drills with high torque reaction
Desoutter Straight Drills
• Mainly smaller diameter drilling less than 10mm (3/8\") Ø Steel
• Favoured for vertical drilling
• Suitable for production line repetitive drilling operations
Choosing the right Drill Chuck
Key Adjustable Desoutter Chuck
• Ideal for all general industrial drilling tasks
• High precision keyed chucks
Keyless Chucks
• Quick change (hand operated) Drill chuck
Collet Chuck / Spindle
• Generally high speed drilling
• High precision Drill

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