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CP Desoutter

PTF020-T6700-I4Q Desoutter 1/4 Hex 9-20 Nm Pulse tool 6700rpm 6151721010

PTF020-T6700-I4Q NON SHUT-OFF Pulse tool 6700rpm 1/4 Hex drive 9-20 Nm 6151721010

PTF024-T6700-I10S Desoutter 3/8 Sq 16-24 Nm Pulse tool 6700rpm 6151720720

PTF024-T6700-I10S NON SHUT-OFF Pulse tool 6700rpm 3/8 Sq drive 16-24 Nm 6151720720

PTF028-T6300-I4Q Desoutter 1/4 Hex 16-28 Nm Pulse tool 6300rpm 6151721020

PTF028-T6300-I4Q NON SHUT-OFF Pulse tool 6300rpm 1/4 Hex drive 16-28 Nm 6151721020

PTF035-T6700-I4Q Desoutter 1/4 Hex 20-35 Nm Pulse tool 6700rpm 6151721030

PTF035-T6700-I4Q NON SHUT-OFF Pulse tool 6700rpm 1/4 Hex drive 20-35 Nm 6151721030

PTF040-T6300-I10S Desoutter 3/8 Sq 20-40 Nm Pulse tool 6300rpm 6151720740

PTF040-T6300-I10S NON SHUT-OFF Pulse tool 6300rpm 3/8 Sq drive 20-40 Nm 6151720740

PTF056-T6700-I10S Desoutter 3/8 Sq 28-56 Nm Pulse tool 6700rpm 6151720750

PTF056-T6700-I10S NON SHUT-OFF Pulse tool 6700rpm 3/8 Sq drive 28-56 Nm 6151720750

PTF060-T6100-I10S Desoutter 3/8 Sq 36-60 Nm Pulse tool 6100rpm 6151720760

PTF060-T6100-I10S NON SHUT-OFF Pulse tool 6100rpm 3/8 Sq drive 36-60 Nm 6151720760

PTF096-T4600-I13S Desoutter 1/2 Sq 52-96 Nm Pulse tool 4600rpm 6151720770

PTF096-T4600-I13S NON SHUT-OFF Pulse tool 4600rpm 1/2 Sq drive 52-96 Nm 6151720770

PTF136-T5000-I13S Desoutter 1/2 Sq 80-136 Nm Pulse tool 5000rpm 6151720780

PTF136-T5000-I13S NON SHUT-OFF Pulse tool 5000rpm 1/2 Sq drive 80-136 Nm 6151720780

PTF172-T3800-I13S Desoutter 1/2 Sq 120-172 Nm Pulse tool 3800rpm 6151720790

PTF172-T3800-I13S NON SHUT-OFF Pulse tool 3800rpm 1/2 Sq drive 120-172 Nm 6151720790

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Desoutter Non Shut - off Pulse Gun -Tools:
These Desoutter Non Shut-off Pulse Tools  are suitable for high production rates such as those on production/ assembly lines, where high durability is required and the tools are used frequently. Our Desoutter industrial Compression Pules Tools combine the best of quality, durability and ergonomics for your most demanding applications.

N/S = Non Shut-off driver have a slip clutch type wrench torque setting

Choosing the right Desoutter Pulse Tool

  • Output Size 1/4\" 3/8\" or 1/2\"of the desoutter pulse tool
  • Shut-Off or Non Shut-off
  • Torque rang to be applied by the Desoutter pulse tool
  • Speed ot the Desoutter pulse Tool
  • Weight of the Desoutter Pulse Tool

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