Andrews tool company

Andrews Tool Company’s goal is to provide airframe manufacturers with ergonomic, reliable, high precision portable power feed machines that limit injury and decrease manufacturing costs. ATC proudly partners with aerospace industry leaders to provide engineered solutions.

ATC’s lightweight power feed motors reduce injuries by decreasing physical stress on the operator.  Carpal tunnel syndrome, rotator cuff damage, and other common repetitive motion injuries can be avoided. 

Our air power feed design with hydraulic feed control allows the drill to cut at its optimum rate. As the cutter dulls, cycle time will increase, warning the operator that it’s time to change the bit.  Subsequently, non-conforming holes and extremely costly rework can be avoided.  In contrast, positive feed or screw fed tools advance a drill incrementally per rotation, regardless of the cutter’s condition or the hole it is producing. Dull or chipped cutters can go undetected during these fixed feed cycles, resulting in non-conforming holes.

ATC air power feed motors quickly and efficiently drill close tolerance holes within specification the first time, effectively lowering the cost per hole.