This tool was designed and built as a portable, low cost solution for both small and large aerospace applications. This tool is made of aerospace stainless steel and heat treated on all wear and deflecting components to 38/42 Rockwell Hardness. This tool has a large variety of interchangeable yokes, available with ranges from as small as 1″ to 6″ reach. It has proven itself over the years as a portable and rugged solution for light to medium duty rivet squeezing applications. We strive to make sure all items are readily available.

All tools will be manufactured with a 3/16″ set hole. Definitions and abbreviations are as follows (see catalog):

THS = TATCO Hand Squeezer
THY = TATCO Hand Yoke (only)
F = Flush – delete 3/16″ upper set hole. *limited yoke size available*

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