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Lubbering Hi-Lok Installation Guns

Lubbering 110 deg installation tool Hi-Lok 19mm long 1/4 socket

Lubbering 110 deg installation tool Hi-Lok 19mm long 1/4" socket 5/64 hex

Lubbering 90 deg installation tool Hi-Lok 25mm long 5/16 socket

Lubbering 90 deg installation tool Hi-Lok 25mm long 5/16" socket 3/32 hex

Lubbering pistol installation tool Hi-Lok 19 mm long 5/16 socket

Lubbering Pistol installation tool Hi-Lok 19mm long 5/16 socket 5/64 hex

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Lubbering Hi-Lok Installation Guns

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A P Tools can design Lubbering tooling for specific Hi-Lok applications

Working with Lubbering and Desoutter tools we offer one of the best

solutions for frangible collar installation problems

Below are some designs of tooling supplied to customers

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help on this product


This section is for installing and removing Hi-Lok Fasteners


hi-loks bolts


Includes Hand & Pneumatic installation tooling


Hi-lok Pliers,Hi-Lok Ratchets,Pistol Drills.Hi-Lok angle tools & bespoke solutions


The HI-LOK™ pin has been the industry standard for high strength, permanently installed airframe fasteners since its inception.


Consistently controlled preload, minimum size and weight, plus speed of installation are outstanding advantages of the HI-LOK™ Fastening System developed for high strength and temperature applications in today’s high performance aircraft and missiles. In exhaustive tests and in actual application, the HI-LOK™ Fastening System has met the highest standards of reliability.


The HI-LOK™ Fastening System is basically a threaded fastener which combines the best features of a rivet and a bolt. It consists of two parts, a threaded pin and a threaded collar.


The HI-LOK™ Fastening System is rapidly and quietly installed by one person from one side using standard power tools or hand tools with less worker fatigue than with either regular rivets or bolts.


The HI-LOK™ Fastening System design concept easily adapts itself to large scale production in a variety of pin and collar material combinations for high strength and high temperature performance.


A bolt and nut system is heavier than the HI-LOK™ Fastening System. Minimum weight results from elimination of the wrenching surfaces on a bolt and nut system. Wrenching clearances are minimized and great weight savings result from the design of more compact structural joints.


Bolt and nut systems require calibrated torque wrenches and torque inspection. The HI-LOK™ Fastening System eliminates these concerns.


Production diameter sizes range from 5/32” through ½”. Some standards accommodate 5/32” through 1”. For complete specification data refer to the HI-LOK™ Standard Pages.


HI-LOK™ pins come in a variety of head styles:


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