Aerospace Tungsten Bucking Bars - Rivet Block

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Aerospace Tungsten Bucking Bars – Rivet Block

Tungsten Bucking bars weigh almost twice as much as conventional steel which helps with reducing vibration as your rivets will require less blows to set them. It is the perfect material for manufacturing a small yet HEAVY Bucking Bar. As you know, the heavier the bar, the easier it is to install your rivet. When conventional steel bucking bars in a confined space you have to hit the rivet too many times causing the material to work harden you can use a heavy enough bar to properly install the rivet without work hardening .

Riveting tasks in aircraft manufacturing results in exposure to vibration from both rivet guns and bucking bars. Long term exposure to vibration has been associated with symptoms of vibration white finger and musculoskeletal disorders. Four different bucking bars of the same shape but different material and mass characteristics (90%tungsten, >90% tungsten, cold rolled and stainless steel) were investigated for vibration and grip muscle activity during a riveting task. The >90% and 90% tungsten bars (3.4m/s2 and 3.6 m/s2, respectively) resulted in significantly less mean resultant weighted acceleration when compared to the cold rolled and stainless steel (5.3 m/s2 and 5.6 m/s2,respectively), whereas there was no difference in mean hand grip flexor or extensor muscle activity. These results suggest that for bucking tasks that allow access for the bucking bar size investigated, use of heavier but same sized tungsten bucking bars can reduce vibration transmission to the hand.All Tungsten bucking bars are made from tungsten / copper mix to prevent the blocks splintering and help reduce the impact on the operator

Tungsten Bucking bars are made to order if you wish to draw your own Bucking bar /rivet block  A P Tools Ltd can have them manufactured to your specification

All bars are polished with rads on all edges to reduce damage

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