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Aerospace Rivet Gun Snaps & Squeezer Sets


With seventy years of experience in Airframe tooling, we have every imaginable tool when it comes to Drilling, Countersinking, Riveting and Bucking procedures. When you need the right answer on Airframe maintenance and repair tools, we’re unmatched in the market place. 

We stock a large range of rivet snaps,Rivet squeezer sets for most popular rivets, Cupped ,flush,straight or 10 degrees offset

For Aerospace 0.187″ Shank Compression Riveters

Available in 0.0250″ ,0.312″ & 0.375″ Shanks on special order

  • SP80 Squezer Snaps – sets
  • SP85 Squezer Snaps – sets
  • AN470 Universal Squeezer Snaps- sets
  • AN430 Squezer Snaps – sets
  • AN442 Squezer Snaps – sets
  • AN455 Squezer Snaps – sets
  • AN456 Squezer Snaps – sets
  • AN435 Squezer Snaps – sets

For Aerospace 0.401 Shank Rivet Guns

  • SP80 Rivet gun snaps 
  • SP85 Rivet gun snaps 
  • AN470 Universal Rivet gun snaps 
  • AN430 Rivet gun snaps 
  • AN442 Rivet gun snaps 
  • AN455 Rivet gun snaps 
  • AN456 Rivet gun snaps 
  • AN435 Rivet gun snaps 



  • Short Shank Jiffy & Buzz Gun Rivet Set - Snap


  • Semi Tubular AN450 Rivet Die Compression Riveter Rivet Squeezers Sets .187


  • Rivet Snap Rivet Caps


  • AN470FT Rivet Squeezer Cupped Snaps 0.187" Shank


  • AN470 Rivet Squeezer Cupped Snaps AAT


  • Special Rivet Snaps

    Aerospace Special Shaped Rivet Gun Rivet Snaps


  • Aerospace SP85 Rivet Gun Rivet Snaps Straight 0.401


  • Aerospace SP85 Rivet Gun Rivet Snaps Offset 0.401


  • SP85 Rivet Squeezers

    Aerospace SP85 Compression Riveter Rivet Squeezers Sets .187


  • Aerospace SP80 Rivet Gun Rivet Snaps Sraight 0.401


  • Aerospace SP80 Rivet Gun Rivet Snaps Offset 0.401 Shank


  • SP80 Rivet Squeezers

    Aerospace SP80 Compression Riveter Squeezers Sets 0.187


  • Flush Rivet Snaps

    Aerospace Flush Rivet Gun Snaps


  • Squeezer Flush Sets

    Aerospace Compression Riveter Squeezer Flush Sets


  • Rivet Squeezer sets

    Aerospace Compression Riveter Rivet Squeezer Sets 0.187


  • Aerospace ATI AN470 Gooseneck Rivet Gun Snaps


  • AN470 rivet squeezers

    Aerospace ATI AN470 Compression Riveter Cupped Rivet Squeezers Sets


  • AN470 rivet snap sets

    Aerospace AN470 Straight & Offset Rivet Gun Snap Sets


  • Aerospace AN470 Rivet Gun Snaps Straight


  • Aerospace AN470 Rivet Gun Snaps Offset


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