ASTER™Key Bits

Aster key Bits

STL Manual Aster™ bits are specifically for use within manufactured handles.
Have a double body hex on smaller sizes due to groove for grub screw. Are black in appearance on smaller sizes.

Follow the general part number below

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Part noA InchB mm
IMMO STL-A5L™ -08 PR2¼\”6,35
IMMO STL-A5L™-10 PR25/16”7,94
IMMO STL-A5L™-12 PR23/8”9,53
IMMO STL-A5L™-14 PR27/16”11,11
IMMO STL-A5L™-16 PR2½”12,70
IMMO STL-A5L™-18 PR29/16”14,29
IMMO STL-A5L™-20 PR25/8”15,88
IMMO STL-A5L™-24 PR2¾”19,05
IMMO STL-A5L™-28 PR27/8”22,23
IMMO STL-A5L™-32 PR21”25,40

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