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Atlas Copco LBB Pistol Drills

LBB series

LBB drills are of highest quality and built to provide consistent reliability and performance in a wide range of applications. Their advanced ergonomic designs make your job easier, safer and more efficient.

Regardless of which model you choose,Regardless of which model you choose,you’ll get a product with superior ergonomicsand productivity.l Quiet – Very low noise level.l Comfortable grip – For high precision.l Two-hand grip available – Gives evengreater flexibility.l Lubrication-free – For clean workingenvironment and operator comfort.

  • Atlas Copco LBB45 Pistol Drills 700 W 0.9 hp


  • Atlas Copco LBB37 Pistol Drills 820 W 1.1 hp


  • Atlas Copco LBB36 Pistol Drills 700 W (0.9 hp)


  • Atlas Copco LBB26 Pistol Drills ATEX Certified Models 500 W (0.7hp)


  • Atlas Copco LBB26 Pistol Drills 500 W (0.7hp)


  • Atlas Copco LBB16 Pistol Drills 290 & 340 W (0.4 & 0.45 hp)


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