Atlas Copco Tools Angle Sanders

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Atlas Copco Tools Angle Sanders

  • LSV12 series sander – For finer work where less power and more control are needed. Available with collet or

threaded spindle.


Speed governor,

High quality gears

Lever with feathering characteristics.

  • LSV28 series sander – The 28 series comes in various speeds and in a wet sanding version. Wet sanders

have central water supply (water feed through the angle head) for optimal water distribution on the work surface.


Speed governor,

Sealed angle head,

LF models have lubrication free air motor.

  • LSV38 series sander – Powerful one hand sander for medium rough to rough sanding.


Speed governor, sealed angle head

Lubrication-free air motor  

Lockable spindle.

  • LSV48 series sander – Our most powerful angle vane sander with 1.9 kW for ultimate productivity.


Speed governor

Sealed angle head

Lubrication-free air motor

Autobalancer and lockable spindle.

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