Atlas Copco Tools MT G4 Screwdriver System - Micro Torque

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Atlas Copco Tools MT G4 Screwdriver System – Micro Torque

Microtorque screwdriver range is the most advanced and intelligent tightening solution for any low torque application.
Extremely ergonomic, very compact and full of functionalities it is the right tool to boost productivity and quality, resulting
in high efficiency and cost reduction.

sytems are designed to perform consistently and precisely, time after time. High accuracy current controlled tools. 

Complete system, one single ordering number that includes screwdriver, controller, tool cable, PSU and ToolsTalk MT.

  •  Torque and angle control and monitoring.
  •  64 P-sets
  •  Multiple steps tightening.
  •  Advanced programing via PC software,
  • ToolsTalk MT.
  • Different indication lights for operator feedback.
  • Multiple I/Os for integration with assembly line, automation stations or error proofing accessories.

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