Atlas Copco Tools Pneumatic Micro Stop - Countersink Drill

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Atlas Copco Tools Pneumatic Micro Stop – Countersink Drill 

Atlas Copco Tools Micro stop Drills

The Atlas Copco LBS36 drill is equipped with an integrated micro stop. It is designed for the aerospace industry where the

focus is on high-precision drilling, reaming and countersinking.Accurate – The integrated micro stop function makes the LBS36 unique for

high-precision drilling of rivet holes and other fasteners. Minimized spindle run-out is achieved by eliminating standard drill chuck.

Ergonomic handle design – The integrated micro stop function makes the tool shorter and lighter in weight. Flexible – Can be used for drilling, reaming,

countersinking and, in certain applications, a combined operation using a form bit. Dust extraction – Equipped with a specially designed spot suction system for

working in composite materials.Lubrication-free – For clean working environment and operator comfort

Atlas Copco Tools Micro stop Drills dimensions