Atlas Copco Tools Push Start Vibration Reduced / Damped / Recoilless Rivet Guns

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Atlas Copco Tools Vibration Reduced / Damped / Recoilless Push Start Rivet Guns

The RRH riveting hammer is designed to minimize the riveter’s exposure to vibration while maintaining high tool performance. Vibration is killed by an effective air cushion behind the hammer piston.

Vabration Reduced

Minimize operators exposure to vibration while maintaining high tool performance.
With Atlas Copco’s RRH riveting hammer, vibration is highly damped to provide the best
in class ergonomics. This means operators can work longer with a powerful tool.

Working together as a system, the unavoidable vibrations are air dampened for the lowest recoil available. The ultimate
in comfort and safety is the unique combination of RRH riveting hammer and RBB bucking bar. Protect the hands of your riveter and bucker

Features & benefits

  • Vibration-damped
  • Versatile – the RRH can cope with rivets up to 13 mm in diameter
  • Adjustable hand guard
  • Adjustable power
  • Atlas Coco Rivet Gun Selection Chart

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