Atlas Copco Tools LUM Straight Screwdrivers

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Atlas Copco Tools LUM Straight Screwdrivers

Brings accuracy and good ergonomics into the production process

The LUM series is the workhorse of our pneumatic screwdriver line-up. Designed to be comfortable to work with all day and to be durable in a tough production environment, they combine the best engineering, continuously refined and improved, to bring you superior ergonomics, durability and productivity. All LUM models are equipped with a spring-operated shut-off clutch, designed by Atlas Copco that is set with a Philips screwdriver – simple, fast and reliable!


  • High durability and productivity
  • Reduced strain on operator


  • Compact size for accessibility in cramped spaces
  • Available in either push-to-start or lever start
  • Fast shut-off clutch Lubrication free
  • All models are reversible


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