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Atlas Copco Torque Wrench – Nutrunners


New twin motor – higher rundownspeed, accurate tightening.l High torques.l Good access in cramped spaces.l Spiral cut angle gears.

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The LTV69 angle nutrunner from Atlas Copco is the fastest, high capacity pneumatic nutrunner on the market. Based on the well-proven, twin motor concept, the LTV69 provides fast run-down and torque-up with exceptional accuracy. Despite its impressive power, the LTV69 is compact and lightweight enough to be used in many cramped spaces where other tools fail.


  • Twin motor concept
  • Higher rundown speed
  • Low air consumption
  • High torques
  • Spiral cut angle gears
  • Best quality and durability


  • High performance with reliability
  • Built for tough jobs and long service lifetime