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Atlas Copco Tools  XS ErgoPulse Straight Pulse Guns

Ergopulse XS non shut-off tools

ErgoPulse XS is the correct choice when the operator needs to control the process. The tools provide high torque, fast, accurate tightening and long service lifetimes. The twin chamber motor is designed to give high torque at low speed, which provides the best characteristics for fast, reliable and accurate tightening. Double or triple bladed pulse mechanisms. 

The tools are equipped with pulse units with two or three blades. They employ the Atlas Copco patented cam-guided design to push out the blades, giving very high reliability. The pulse units have a high power-to-weight ratio, making the tools very powerful for their size. Torque is adjusted by regulating an artificial leak in the hydraulic circuit. 

In ErgoPulse non shut-off tools the tool produces pulses until the operator releases the trigger. Preferred in applications where it is an advantage for the operator to be able to control the process by shutting off the tool manually.