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Avdel’s nG2 tool features the quickest cycle time in the nGenesis range. With an intergral cycle counter to count the number of placings and the ability to take a wide range of rivet sizes the nG2 is a valuable tool in the range.

The nG2 has been designed for rough assembly lines featuring a toughened plastic body and heavy duty rubber base, giving the nG2 an enhanced tool life.


Avdel’s nG2 tool features the quickest cycle time in the nGenesis range. With an intergral cycle counter and the ability to take a wide range of rivet sizes the nG2 is a valuable tool in the range.



  • Weight (without nose equip.) 1.98 kg (4.37 lbs)
  • Weight (min. with equip) 2.1 kg (4.5 lbs)
  • Pull force @ 5.5 bar 9.34 kN (2100 lbf)
  • Stroke (min.) 17 mm (0.67 in)
  • Cycle time (approx.) 0.8 sec
  • Air supply pressure 5-7 bar (80-100 psi)
  • Free air volume @ 5.5 bar 2.1 litres
  • Noise level <75 db=”” a=”” li=””>
  • Vibration <2.5m/s²




  • Reduced operator fatigue
  • High placement speed
  • Robust tool
  • Minimized air consumption
  • reduced setting times and change of equipment
  • reduced time to empty stem collector
  • Places a wide range of fasteners
  • Ergonomic



Placing Capability

  • Up to 4.8mm (3/16″) breakstem rivets produced by Avdel®. Can also place Avseal® sealing plugs up to 7 mm.

NG2 Avdel 3


nG2 is a hydro-pneumatic tool designed to place Avdel®
breakstem fasteners at high speed making it ideal for batch or
flow-line assembly in a wide variety of applications throughout
all industries. It can place all fasteners listed opposite.
The tool features a vacuum system for fastener retention and
trouble free collection of the spent stems regardless of tool
A complete tool is made up of three separate elements
which will be supplied individually. See diagram below.
If you wish to place most of the fasteners in the table
opposite, you can order the 71213-00039 complete tool
comprising of:
• 71213-02000 base tool
• 71213-15000 nose assembly
• Nose tips 71210-05002, 71210-16070 and 07381-
04701. Fit nose tip as indicated pages 9 to 12.
You can order the above three nose tips and nose
assembly as a nose assembly kit part number 71213-
• For some fasteners the base tool, nose assembly
and nose tip must be ordered separately


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