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Bibielle Abrasives were founded in 1965 as a manufacturer of flap wheels.

From the outset, the company achieved success on the market thanks to a particular method of production that guaranteed a high level of efficiency and a high and constant level of quality. Bibielle Abrasives original methods and concepts are still covered by industrial patents. In 1989 BIBIELLE had 20 employees and exported to 5 countries. That year the company shares were sold to a family of entrepreneurs who believed in the potential of the company and wanted to promote its development by providing new resources and new management instruments. The fundamental goals that are still the reference guidelines are those of implementing the product range, extending the distribution base by expanding the reference markets, building a brand image and investing in the development of innovative products and technologies. In 1991 BIBIELLE was one of the first companies in the world to open a division of automatic production of flap disks. Later, new installations were built with machinery for the production of satin finish machine wheels and for the production of quick-change disks. In 1996 the company developed the first basic material called Strip-It, followed in 1999 by Surface Conditioning and in 2001 by its High Performance Non woven. At the same time, the company established sales networks in Italy, Germany, France, Spain, England and the U.S., to ensure direct promotion of the company\’s products on the different markets. Today the company is in second place in the world as a producer of Surface Conditioning, and distributes its products in about 50 countries. It has a staff of 150 employees and a sales network of over 70 agents and sales people.

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