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Britool Socket Sets

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  • Britool E030700B A 19 piece ¼\” drive socket and accessory set.
  • Britool E030702 A 42 piece ¼\” Drive Socket and accessory set.

  • Britool E030707B A 73 piece, ¼\” drive socket and accessory set

  • Britool E031803B 3/8\” 6-point inch socket set – 13 PC

  • Britool E031821B 3/8\” socket and accessory tray set – 50 pieces

  • Britool E032911B A 101 piece ¼\” & ½\” drive socket & spanner set
  • Britool E034805B A 98 piece ¼\” & ½\” drive socket set

  • Britool E194672B 45 Piece 1/4\” Socket and accessory set.

  • Britool E194678B 3/8\” metric socket and accessory module – 20 PC

  • Britool E194680B 45 piece, ¼\” drive socket & accessory set


The British Tool and Engineering Company (Britool) – first started production in 1908 and Britool has been the number one choice for professionals ever since. With a proven track record of supplying high quality tools to a wide spectrum of industries we have a hard won and jealously guarded reputation. Our tools are used to maintain equipment used in some of the most testing conditions on the planet – from the highest altitudes to the ocean depths. Britool – tools you can depend on since 1908.

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