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Cherry Aerospace Rivet Gun /Riveter CherryLock A Riveter – Rivet Gun & Pulling Heads for SST Rivets

  • Cherry G704B Pneumatic-Hydraulic Riveter/ Rivet Gun
  • Cherry G747 Lightweight CherryMAX® Riveter / RivetGun
  • The Cherry G746A is a pneumatic-hydraulic Rveter / Rivet Gun

Cherry Aerospace Rivet Gun /Riveter Pulling Heads for SST Rivets

  • Cherry H701B-456 Riveter (Rivet Gun)Pulling Head
  • Cherry H753A-456 Riveter (Rivet Gun) pulling head 
  • Cherry H781A-456 Riveter (Rivet Gun) Offset Pulling Head

Cherry Rivet Guns are high speed production riveting  tools designed for long life. Cherry pulling heads for rivet guns are not furnished with riveter and must be ordered separately. If you click on links in the rivet gun section, this site will lead you to the pulling head assemblies. If you click on links in the Pulling head assembly section, this site will lead you to the correct riveting  gun.

For Cherry rivet gun and Pulling head spares and Advice ring

Cherry SST® Blind Rivet

The Cherry SST® Blind Rivet System was designed to solve many of the blind fastening problems associated with aircraft assemblies requiring superior sheet take-up. Installation of the SST Blind Rivet System ensures consistent and permanent fastening of difficult assemblies with inherent gapping or slightly misaligned holes. The SST Blind Rivet System can be installed with standard CherryMAX® tooling, with no adjustments needed. Eliminate sheet gaps in your toughest assemblies…use the SST Blind Fastening System for Superior Sheet Take-up.

Cherry Rivet Guns are high speed production tools designed for long life. Cherry pulling heads for rivet guns are not furnished with Cherry riveters and must be ordered separately. If you click on links in the rivet gun section, this site will lead you to head assemblies. If you click on links in the Cherry pulling head assembly section, this site will lead you to the correct Rivet gun. Please call for spare parts.

Cherry Aerospace is committed to meeting or exceeding quality expectations and are dedicated to continuous improvement to obtain total customer satisfaction.

Our manufacturing processes utilize statistical process control as an ongoing measure of quality. To assure product compliance, Cherry Aerospace also utilizes state of the art inspection and testing equipment such as computer controlled shear and tension testers; optical comparators; hydrogen analyzers; and electronic interface gaging. In addition, we also have a sophisticated metallurgical laboratory with diagnostic equipment that includes a scanning electron microscope and an energy dispersive x-ray spectroscope.

Quality System Accreditations

Cherry Aerospace\’s quality system is approved to Boeing\’s D1-9000-A , Advanced Quality System. The system is also certified to ISO 9001 and SAE Aerospace AS9100. In addition, our heat treat, plating and test lab processes are certified by the National Aerospace and Defense Contractors Accreditation Program (Nadcap). The Federal Aviation Administration has authorized Parts Manufacturer Approval (PMA) and Technical Standard Order (TSO) C148 for applicable part numbers.

Product Profile

Products include blind rivets, blind bolts, shear pin fasteners, rivetless nutplates, installation tools and systems. These products are offered in a wide variety of materials, styles and sizes. A world-wide sales force and authorized distribution network provides strong support and quick-response delivery for customers, covering aerospace OEM, sub-contractors and repair market.

CherryLOCK® “A” Nut Plate Rivet

3/32 NutPlate Rivet
CherryLOCK® “A” is a single action, mechanically locked, wire-drawing fastener that provides excellent hole-fill and sheet take-up capability conforming to Procurement Specification NAS 1400, and Standard Pages NAS 1398 and NAS 1399. It feature a full range of head styles, diameters and grip lengths for a variety of application requirements. It is available in A-286 CRES, Aluminum and Monel sleeve and stem combinations.

Key Markets and Customers

Major aerospace market segments include commercial transports (Airbus, Boeing, Bombardier, SAAB), business jets (Cessna, Learjet, Gulfstream), general aviation (Cessna, Raytheon, Piper), helicopters (Bell, Agusta, Sikorsky, Eurocopter), military (Boeing, Lockheed Martin, Northrop, BAe), jet engines (P&W, GE, Rolls Royce) and commercial airlines (American, United, British Airways, JAL).


Cherry Aerospace provides exceptional customer assistance through extensive R&D and technical sales support. Cherry Aerospace capabilities provide products that are engineered and tested to the customer\’s requirements. This is accomplished by partnering with the customer – from concept to delivery – bringing cutting-edge technology to product development and manufacturing. Using computerized product design and development, statistical process control, as well as work cells and single-purpose factories, insures the quality of Cherry Aerospace\’s products while keeping costs down.

Quality Assurance/Laboratory Testing

Cherry Aerospace\’s certified physical testing facilities ensures product performance that meets customer, industry and Cherry\’s own standards and specifications. Cherry Aerospace has third-party accreditation from the National Aerospace and Defense Accreditation Program (Nadcap), covering heat treat, plating, and material testing. Cherry Aerospace also has sophisticated metallurgical laboratories, with diagnostic equipment that includes scanning electron microscopy capabilities. Cherry Aerospace quality accreditations include: FAA TSO Approval, ISO 9001 Certified Manufacturer, SAE Aerospace AS9100, and Nadcap.