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Since its foundation in the United States in 1901, CP has gone truly global. From helping build many of America’s landmarks to its current international presence, Chicago Pneumatic has always emphasized local service to build a global reach. Today, you will find CP anywhere you operate!

Wherever you are, whether you maintain a fleet of trucks, manage construction projects or manufacture windmills, your experience using our compressors, tools and equipment is key to our product development and continued success. It is our mission to ensure and increase your productivity

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CP Industial Tools Manufacture

  • Pneumatic CP Angle Grinders
  • Pneumatic CP Belt Sanders
  • Pneumatic CP Palm Sanders
  • Pneumatic CP Pistol Drills
  • Pneumatic CP Straight Drills
  • Pneumatic CP Straight Chipping Hammer
  • CP Pistol Vibration-Damped Needle Scaler
  • Pneumatic CP Die Grinders
  • Pneumatic CP Angle Die Grinders
  • Pneumatic CP Engraving Pens
  • CP Air Reciprocating Saw
  • Pneumatic Direct Drive CP Pistol Screwdriver
  • Pneumatic High Speed CP Tire Buffer
  • CP Air Files
  • CP Air Riveter
  • CP Air Caulking Gun
  • Pneumatic Heavy-Duty CP Nibbler
  • Pneumatic CP Rivet Hammers
  • Pneumatic CP Impact Wrenches

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 Chicago Pneumatic C P Vehicle Service Tools 

Chicago Pneumatic C P Have Over a century of excellence

Founded over 100 years ago by a guy who saw a need to fill, Chicago Pneumatic has a strong history of constantly looking for new ways to meet your needs, today and tomorrow.

Way back in 1889 John W. Duntley realized that construction workers in particular had a need for many tools that weren’t yet available. He founded Chicago Pneumatic Tool Company and set out on a lifelong mission to provide all types of industries and companies the tools necessary for their success.

Over the years Duntley grew the company through product innovation, always insisting on product quality and reliability. The name Chicago Pneumatic became known and appreciated by workers around the world for durable, reliable tools that made tough jobs easier and were designed to meet specific needs.

Today, Chicago Pneumatic is a global brand that offers tools for almost every industry and countless applications. And we’re proud to say Chicago Pneumatic still stands for reliability, durability and customer value. To read more about some of our innovations over the decades, check out Decades of innovation , 

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