Chicago Pneumatic CP Industrial Straight Die Grinders

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Chicago Pneumatic CP Industrial Straight Die Grinders
Chicago Pneumatic Abrasive Tools have all the benefi ts of advanced

ergonomics… with the features required to enhance the physical
and mental well-being operators need to achieve increased
productivity levels:

  • Signifi cant sound and vibration reduction – helps reduce operator

fatigue and improve performance.

  •  Complete line – designed for maximum productivity under rugged conditions.
  •  Wide choice of tools – die grinders, small wheel grinders, horizontalgrinders, and vertical grinders.
  •  Powerful, yet complete and lightweight – produce more power per

pound than comparable electric models.

  •  Air powered – Minimal risk of electrical shock or overheating – even

with continuous use.


  •  Rugged construction – to withstand tough use.
  •  Head treated internal parts – keep tool operating, minimize repairs.
  •  Easy to service – simple replacement of rotor blades usually

restores original power.

  •  Wide variety of accessories – extended versatility of the tool.