AvroTools 66003S Series Precision Microstop Countersink Cages

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AVROTOOLS High Performance Precision Microstop 66003S

AvroTools 66003S Series High Performance Precision Microstop Countersink Cages

Gandtrack's Avro 66004 Drill Cage

  • Spindle mounted on 3 ball bearing 10,000 maximum RPM
  • Bearings protected by dust shields front and back
  • Stainless steel bearing body
  • Left hand stainless steel lock nut with flats or wrench
  • Microstop depth adjustment 0.00042” (0.0101668mm) per increment
  • Removable foot peices; No-Mar or stainless steel
  • Removable vacuum attachments

Model #

  • 66003S – 1/4” – 28 Shaft
  • 66003SM6 – M6 x 1 Shaft
  • 66003SM8 – M8 X 1 Shaft

Add the following suffix to part
number for optional equipment:

A= Stainless Foot PeicePP= Offset Skirt
F= Spindle 3 Flatsex: 66002SAV
V= Vacuum Attchment



  • Maximum Cutter Diameter: 0.625” (15.875mm)
  • Increment Adjustment: 0.00042 (0.016668mm) 
  • Shaft Travel: 0.350” (9.00mm)
  • Body Length: 2.6” (65.0mm)
  • Body Width: 1.03” (26.00mm)
  • Weight: 115g

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