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A P Tools Drill Countersink

Avalable in 4 Speeds

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APT-DG350-550KIT  Drill countersink 550 rpm with 3 nose tips

   APT-DG350-1000KIT  Drill countersink 1000 rpm with 3 nose tips

  APT-DG350-2000KIT  Drill countersink 2000 rpm with 3 nose tips

  APT-DG350-3000KIT  Drill countersink 3000 rpm with 3 nose tips


  • Drill countersink for open pilot & standard 10 mm body 6mm thread countersink cutters
  • Low vibration
  • No moving parts on nose assembly reduces problems with carbon and fine dust particles getting in to bearings
  • Small nose tip out side dia 6.9mm inside dia is good for access 3/32\”-1/8\” cutters
  • Medium nose tip 13.5mm out side dia 10mm inside dia is good for 3/32\” -5/32\” cutters
  • Large nose tip out side dia 15.92mm inside dia is good for 3/32\” – 1/4\” cutters & 6mm x10 mm dia cutters
  • Lowers cost of cutter
  • Link to piloted  cutter
  • Link to solid pilot standard cutters
  • Link to detachable standard cutters

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