Desoutter Pneumatic AFD Auto Feed Drill

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Desoutter Pneumatic AFD Drill

Desoutter Air / Pneumatic Auto Feed Drills

Ease of Integration into Machine or Process

• Extensive range of mounting clamps

• Control interfaces to link AFD(E) to other equipment

• Single signal required for AFD(E) to perform cycle

• Output signals at datum and depth

• Electric motor mounting on 200, 400 and 600 series can be rotated 180°

• For single spindle operations to multi spindle processes

• Pneumatic and electric drive from 0.22 to 1.1kW (0.3 to 1.47hp) with thrusts from 1557N (72-350lbf)

• Reliability through quality Modular Design

• Flexibility of unit function and speed

• Common components in different

• Multiple spindle head options

• Drilling and tapping options for all models


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