Desoutter DR500 HCU Controlled Feed Drill

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Desoutter DR500 HCU Controlled Feed Drill

Desoutter Drill DR500 HDU

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Available with 2 Stroke lenghts 37mm (1-1/2″) & 25mm (1″)

Five HCU Front End Kits

Desoutter drill DRxxx HDU.3


  • Each bushing is Left hand threaded into the nose piece. Sizes or New

bushing are easy to exchange.

  • Each tool needs it’s guidance bushing ordered for every project.

Possibility from 1mm up to 9.5mm internal diameter

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Desoutter HCU Controlled Feed Drill


 The Desoutter HCU (Hydraulic Controlled Unit) provides the the ability to control thrust and feed rate regardless of material or operator skill level.

Hand drilling is a complex operation due to varying materials as well as operators within a station.

The DR500-HCU eliminates:

  • – Composite delamination
  • – Breakout burrs
  • – Excessive wear on cutters
  • – Operator skill dependency


Free Speed Options (RPM): 400, 600, 1000, 1400, 1800, 2700,4300 and 5800 

Stroke options (mm): 25, 37, 50 and 75

  • Air flow: 1,4 l/s (30cfm)  Hose Int: 10mm (3/8’’) – ¼” Air inlet
  • Collet” Series 200  Shank diameter (mm): 2.4-9.5
  • Internal threaded output: 1/2”-20UNF  Vibration level: <2,5 m/s²
  • Sound pressure level (dBA): 75

Easy Cutter Change


Loosen Holding Allen Screw                                                    




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Remove Complete HCU


   Desoutter drill DRxxx HDU 2