Desoutter XPB Cordless Modular - Drill Chuck Adaptor & Heads

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Desoutter XPB Cordless Modular – Drill Chuck Adaptor & Heads

Not only is XPB the first battery drill fit for aerospace processes, it is also the first multifunction platform designed to take aerospace manufacture into the future!

Aerospace assembly is complex. It involves many different materials – metals, composites – and many different types of fasteners. As a result, workbenches are littered with different tools that have evolved to address each assembly task.

The result is far from ideal. Assembly line workers are constantly putting down or picking up tools, the air hoses get tangled or tripped over and restrict movement – plus it is incredibly noisy. On top of that, all these tools represent a significant capital outlay and a high cost of ownership because they all need regular calibration and maintenance. For a high-tech industry whose end products can hurtle through space, break sound barriers and defy gravity, it’s not a great advertisement.

What would happen if we did away with the pneumatic power supply, binned the multiple tools, and found a single, more elegant solution? If you are Desoutter, what happens next is the XPB Modulara smart, multi-function tool with enormous possibilities. Not only is XPB the first battery drill fit for aerospace processes, it is also the first multifunction platform designed to take aerospace manufacture into the future. Developed as part of our Desoutter 4.0 strategy, we believe XPB can deliver a major transformation in aerospace manual applications.

In brief, XPB Modular is an electric handheld tool that can be used with multiple headsstandardhigh torqueoffset – even heads for temporary fasteners and frangible collars. Offering full speed coverage in a single tool, it is suitable for use on all aerospace materials. The XPB is also smart: built-in software enables quick configurationautomatic head recognition and counts cycles for both the heads and the tool. It features an open system architecture, which means the XPB is future-proofed and smart factory compatible.

XPB smart multi function tool Desoutter

So, what does all this mean? For a start, the XPB is easier to manage and easier to maintain. It also means there are less assets on the line. It’s safer – there are no air hoses to trip over any more – and it is around 20% less noisy than its pneumatic counterparts. Being battery-operated, it provides freedom of movement and eliminates the need for a process air supply, significantly reducing energy costs. Its smart software gives operators instant feedback on performance, improving the learning curve while upholding quality.

We believe that, like the first manned flight, this is only the beginning of what is possible with the XPBWatch this (aero)space!