Desoutter Screwdrivers shut off inline Straight - Push start

Desoutter Screwdrivers shut off in-line Straight – Push start

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Desoutter Straight Screwdriver with Shut-Off Push start:
These Desoutter Straight screwdrivers with Shut-off push start are suitable for high production rates such as those on production/ assembly lines, where high durability is required and the tools are used frequently. Our Desoutter industrial Straight Screwdriver with Shut-Off push start combine the best of quality, durability and ergonomics for your most demanding applications.

SL = Shut-off (Push Start) Desoutter Straight  screwdrivers have a Stall Motor (shut off motor) type torque setting

Tools withShut off motors are more accurate on the torque range


  •  Torque rang to be applied
  •  Speed of screwdriver
  •  Angle of screwdriver
  •  Application – access to Fastener
  • Operator comfort/ preference
  • Lever or Button


PDF Download 2