Dotco Sanders, Grinder, Saws. Routers & Drills Material Removal Tools

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Dotco Sanders, Grinder, Saws. Routers & Drills Material Removal Tools

Dotco: Tools that work with operators, not against them. 

Known for their durability, dependability, and versatility, the Dotco brand is viewed as the premier line of material removal tools in the industrial marketplace. This is made possible by sound design and manufacturing techniques, producing tools that are small, comfortable and lightweight, yet can withstand the most rugged environments.
Dotco tools are designed so their form follows their function. Simply, tools that are more comfortable for the operator to use…tools that work with operators and not against them…including composite housings, low vibration, and low noise.

By using only a few motor types, a diverse line of Dotco products have been developed to handle a wide range of applications.
These tools also have a high interchangeability of parts making maintenance easier and more affordable

  • Dotco Tools Pneumatic Drills


  • Dotco Tools Pneumatic Angle Sanders & Polishers


  • Dotco Sanders


  • Dotco Pneumatic Routers


  • Dotco Hand Air Vacuum - Air Blower


  • Dotco Belt Sanders


  • Dotco Air Marking -Vibrating Engraving Pen


  • Dotco 12S Series Pneumatic Circular & Panel Saws


  • Dotco - Cleco- Riveter


  • Dotco - Cleco Tools - Pneumatic Grinders


  • Dotco - Cleco Sander, Buffer / Polishers


  • Dotco - Cleco Rivet Shaver and Stem Cutters


  • Dotco - Cleco Pneumatic Angle Nutrunner


  • Dotco - Cleco Chisel, Scaler & Needle Scalers


  • Dotco - Cleco CH30 Series Chipping Hammer


  • Dotco - Cleco Accessories


  • Dotco - Cleco 14CF Series - Shears & Scissors


  • Dotco - Cleco 12L2062-96 Air Nibbler


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