Dotco Tools 12-27 Series - Pneumatic Circular Saw 0.9 hp (0.67 kW)

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Dotco Tools 12-27 Series – Pneumatic Circular Saw 0.9 hp (0.67 kW)

  • Compact and easy to use
  • Excellent control and high productivity with minimum fatigue
  • Easy to change blades

ModelExhaustFree Speed (RPM)Saw Blade Capacity (in)Maximum Depth of Cut (in)Type HousingWeight (lbs)Length (in)Air Inlet Size (in)
12S2793-02Rear32004.021.00 inComposite5.3 lb14.5 in1/4 in
12S2749-01Front110003.391.00 inComposite4.9 lb11.4 in1/4 in
12S2748-01Front90004.021.00 inComposite4.9 lb11.4 in1/4 in
12S2774-02Vacuum Ready70003.391.00 inComposite6.4 lb14.1 in1/4 in
12S2792-02Rear9403.391.00 inComposite6.2 lb16.2 in1/4 in
12S2794-02Rear47003.391.00 inComposite5.3 lb14.5 in1/4 in
12S2794-01Rear47002.520.56 inComposite4.63 lb13.2 in1/4 in
12S2790-02Rear4304.021.00 inComposite6.2 lb16.2 in1/4 in
12S2775-03Vacuum Ready85004.021.00 inComposite6.4 lb14.1 in1/4 in
12S2775-01Vacuum Ready85004.021.00 inComposite7.3 lb14.1 in1/4 in

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