Dotco Tools Vertical Grinders 3060 & 4060 Series

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Dotco Tools  Vertical  Grinders 3060 & 4060 Series 


3060 Series

  • Powerful, governed motor
  • Ideally suited for the most rugged enviornments
  • Maximum material removal in an ergonomic package

4060 Series

  • Maximum material removal in any application
  • Powerful motor delivering ultimate torque
ModelSpindle SizeFree Speed (RPM)Abrasive Capacity (Grinder 1)Weight (lbs)Air Inlet Size (in)
3060AVL-065/8″ – 11 e60006″ (150mm) Type 1110.1 lb1/2 in
3060AVL-095/8″ – 11 e60009″ (230mm) Type 2710.4 lb1/2 in
3060AVL-075/8″ – 11 e60007″ (180mm) Type 279.7 lb1/2 in
4060AVL-065/8″ – 11 e60006″ (150mm) Type 1111.7 lb1/2 in
4060AVL-095/8″ – 11 e60009″ (230mm) Type 2711.9 lb1/2 in
4060AVL-075/8″ – 11 e60007″ (180mm) Type 2711.0 lb1/2 in

Dotco Vertical Grinders

Designed to deliver unsurpassed power, durability, versatility, safety, ergonomics and quality, Dotco vertical grinders are applicable in a wide range of industrial material removal applications. Driven by a 3HP or 4HP vane motor that has been engineered to provide maximum sustained power, Dotco grinders improve your productivity by giving your team the tools they need to work smarter, safer and faster when performing any task. 

These material removal tools are ideal for use in automotive, aerospace, HVAC and other manufacturing applications.

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