Dotco Tools 15LF Series Inline Pneumatic Straight Drills

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Dotco Tools 15LF Series Inline Pneumatic Straight Drills

15LF Series – Inline

  • Power: 0.4 hp (0.30 kW)
  • Available with Jacobs brand chuck or 3/8″-24 threaded output
  • Rear Exhaust standard, optional fron exhaust available
  • Safety lever standard

ModelExhaustTerminationFree Speed (RPM)Type HousingWeight (lbs)Length (in)Air Inlet Size (in)
15LF087-40Rear3/8″ – 24 e600Composite1.98 lb8.6 in1/4 in
15LF087-38Rear1/4″ Chuck600Composite1.98 lb8.6 in1/4 in
15LF084-38Rear1/4″ Chuck2400Composite1.32 lb8.0 in1/4 in
15LF054-38Front1/4″ Chuck2400Composite1.32 lb7.3 in1/4 in
15LF085-38Rear1/4″ Chuck1000Composite1.32 lb8.0 in1/4 in
15LF085-40Rear3/8″ – 24 e1000Composite1.32 lb8.0 in1/4 in
15LF055-38Front1/4″ Chuck1000Composite1.98 lb8.6 in1/4 in
15LF081-40Rear3/8″ – 24 e5300Composite1.32 lb8.0 in1/4 in
15LF051-38Front1/4″ Chuck5300Composite1.32 lb7.3 in1/4 in
15LF081-38Rear1/4″ Chuck5300Composite1.32 lb8.0 in1/4 in
15LF082-38Rear1/4″ Chuck4000Composite1.32 lb8.0 in1/4 in
15LF082-40Rear3/8″ – 24 e4000Composite1.32 lb7.3 in1/4 in
15LF052-38Front1/4″ Chuck4000Composite1.32 lb7.3 in1/4 in
15LF083-40Rear3/8″ – 24 e3300Composite1.32 lb8.0 in1/4 in
15LF053-38Front1/4″ Chuck3300Composite1.32 lb7.3 in1/4 in
15LF083-38Rear1/4″ Chuck3300Composite1.32 lb8.0 in1/4 in
15LF086-38Rear1/4″ Chuck750Composite1.32 lb8.0 in1/4 in
15LF080-38Rear1/4″ Chuck28500Composite0.88 lb0.63 in1/4 in


Dotco® inline drills are used in Aerospace Engineering & woodworking, appliance, the aerospace industry and many other applications. They are designed to reduce maintenance, and save time and money. This means that you have more time to get the job done, while enjoying fewer repairs and a smaller inventory.

The 15LF Series Inline can be supplied with a with a Jacobs® geared chuck and chuck key or as a threaded output to add accessories eg Jacobs Keyless chucks or Apex Quick Change bit holder.
The composite housing provides a soft feel grip with reduced opportunity to slip in your hand. The lock off lever provides improved safety. An optional front exhaust is also available
You can enjoy high parts interchangeability with Dotco® inline drills. These tools are designed for ease-of-use, comfort and durability. No matter your industry and no matter the job at hand, a Dotco® inline drill can help complete the work as efficiently and easily as possible. That’s the goal of each of our tools, which we select based on how they are used in the field — and any factors that will make the job easier for the operator. Do you need help picking the right inline drill? Contact you’re A P

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