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Dotco Tools Pneumatic Pistol Grip Drills

Dotco pistol grip drills are an excellent choice for daily use in multiple different industry applications. Ranging in size from 0.4 to 1.4 horsepower, Dotco drills feature convenient interchangeable parts, precision-machined components and an ergonomic design that promotes operator comfort — even during high-volume, high-repetition processes. 

Each tool has a feathering trigger for speed control while drilling, critical finger and thumb guides deliver improved control, and a rubberized grip isolates shock and vibration to promote all-day operator comfort making them ideal for aerospace manufacturing, metal fabrication and woodworking.

The unique 135DPV range features a multi position speed governor. This helps maintain the cutting speed when drilling prolonging cutter life as well as enabling the same tool to optimize the cutting speed for different size drill bits.

All models are non reversible for error free operation and can be supplied with a with a Jacobs® geared chuck and chuck key or as a threaded ouput to add accessories eg Jacobs Keyless chucks or Apex Quick Change bit holder.

Need help selecting the right drill for your application? Contact your Dotco sales representative for assistance.

  • Dotco Tools MP14 Series Pistol Drills


  • Dotco Tools 15DP Series - Non-Reversible Pistol Drill 1.0 hp (0.75 kW)


  • Dotco Tools 14CS Series - Non reversible Pistol Drill 0.6 hp (0.45 kW)


  • Dotco Tools 14CN Series - Non-Reversible Pistol Drill 0.9 hp (0.67 kW)


  • Dotco Tools 14CH Series - Non-Reversible Pistol Drill 1.4 hp (1.0 kW)


  • Dotco Tools 14CF Series - Non-Reversible Pistol Drill 0.4 hp


  • Dotco Tools 135DPV Series - Variable Speed Pneumatic Drill 0.7 hp (0.52 kW)


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