Dotco Tools 14CF Series - Non-Reversible Pistol Drill 0.4 hp

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Dotco Tools 14CF Series – Non-Reversible Pistol Drill

ModelTerminationHorsepowerFree Speed (RPM)Weight (lbs)Length (in)Air Inlet Size (in)

14CFS97-403/8″-24 e0.46001.76 lb6.9 in 
14CFS97-513/8″ Chuck0.46001.76 lb6.9 in 
14CFS97-381/4″ Chuck0.46001.76 lb6.9 in1/4 in
14CFS90-381/4″ Chuck0.4290001.54 lb5.7 in1/4 in
14CFS90-513/8″ Chuck0.4290001.54 lb5.7 in 
14CFS90-403/8″-24 e0.4290001.54 lb5.7 in 
14CFS91-381/4″ Chuck0.452001.54 lb5.7 in1/4 in
14CFS91-513/8″ Chuck0.452001.54 lb5.7 in 
14CFS91-403/8″-24 e0.452001.54 lb5.7 in 
14CFS92-381/4″ Chuck0.438001.54 lb5.7 in1/4 in
14CFS92-403/8″-24 e0.438001.54 lb5.7 in 
14CFS92-513/8″ Chuck0.438001.54 lb5.7 in 
14CFS93-513/8″ Chuck0.432001.54 lb5.7 in1/4 in
14CFS93-381/4″ Chuck0.432001.54 lb5.7 in1/4 in
14CFS93-403/8″-24 e0.432001.54 lb5.7 in1/4 in
14CFS94-513/8″ Chuck0.424001.54 lb5.7 in 
14CFS94-403/8″-24 e0.42400

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