Dynabrade Saw, File - Sander


Dynabrade Saw, File – Sander

Model 12204 Stockade Sander Has 5″ long x 1/2″ wide spring-steel extender which accepts stick-on coated abrasive strips (sold separately).

  • 80 and 180 grit abrasive strips are included.
  • Three platen pads are included, which may be mounted to the extender as a backing for the abrasive strip.
  • Safety-lock lever is standard; rear exhaust


Model 12205 Stockade Saw

  •  Tool includes 12212 Saw Holder Adapter, 12183 Saw Guide, 90935 General Purpose Saw Blade.
  • Built-in air flow regulator.
  • Countless applications on wood, metal,composites, fiberglass and more.
  •  Safety-lock lever is standard; rear exhaust


Model 12206 Stockade Saw Kit

  • 12205 Stockade Saw (above) and 90933 Saw Blade Pack, which includes one of each blade shown at right (six total).
  • Saw Blades have a variety of uses on metal, fiberglass, wood and more.


Model 12207 Stockade Filer/Saw Kit

  • 12205 Stockade Saw (see above).
  • Three adapters: 12197 for Dynabrade 6″ long files;12211 for foundry file; 12212 for saw blades.
  • 12183 Saw Guard Assembly (must be used with saw blades).
  • Two 6″ long files (90980 Pillar; 90983 Triangular).
  • One 5-1/2″ long foundry file (90905).
  • Two saw blades (90934, 90935).

Dynadie® III Air-Powered Reciprocating Filer

Model 12250 Variable-Length Stroke

  •  Accepts 1/4″ dia. or 1/8″ diameter shanked files.Files sold separately.
  • Replaces tedious hand filing. Easily enters narrow slots.
  • Use on metal, wood, plastic, fiberglass, etc
  •  Variable-length stroke from 0-1/4″. Tool runs at 5,000 strokes per minute.
  • Barrel indexes 360° for ideal comfort.
  • Tool includes 94407 Flow-Control Dynaswivel® (not shown).






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