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From the beginning FACOM’s goal has been to listen to professionals to allow us to produce tools for them
that would exceed their exacting requirements, while incorporating features that would make everyday tasks
easier and safer. This fundamental philosophy is very much the driving force behind the Facom brand.

FACOM is Europe’s leading hand tool brand with a range of over 9,000 products, including storage
(trolleys, cabinets, benches, portable storage), standard tools (wrenches, screwdrivers, pliers, hammers, air tools)
and specialist tools (automotive, electrical, aerospace) to meet the needs of all professional tool users.

FACOM is internationally recognized as one of the best design and manufacturing brand in the industry.
We manufacture to the highest quality standards and design truly innovative professional hand and power
tools for use across the world.This commitment is clearly evident by the number of personnel employed in our design teams, with over
250 R&D engineers operating in 10 separate offices dedicated to Facom product development.FACOM translates this R&D effort into efficient, high-quality products manufactured within 12 factories across Europe

  • Facom Screwdrivers


  • Facom Sanders


  • Facom Pop Rivet Gun


  • Facom Pneumatic Spot weld drill


  • Facom Pneumatic crimper and punch


  • Facom Impact Wrench - Gun


  • Facom Grinders


  • Facom Chisel hammer


  • Facom angle polisher


  • Facom Air Tool Multi Brush


  • Facom Air / Pneumatic Windsheild / Windscreen Cutter


  • Facom Air / Pneumatic Ratchet


  • Facom Air / Pneumatic Drills


  • Facom Air / Pneumatic Air Reciprocating Saw


  • Facom Air / Pneumatic Nibbler


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