Facom Hand & Power Tools


Facom Hand  & Power Tools

A P Tools Supply a widerange of high performance facom Hand tools that provide the best value for money,including cutters ,ratchets,pliers wrenches,sockets, and moch more


The quality of facom hand tools is ensured through the specialisation of their factories according to the  tools produced and manufacturing techniques used : cold forging, hot forging, heat treatment,  metrology, surface treatment, plastic injection, etc.

The number one producer of hand tools in Europe, FACOM has been producing hand tools for more than 85 years. Sustained investment in machines and automation systems, has allowed facom to maintain its lead in technology and cost control.

A rare expertise that allows facom to produce safe, high performance tools that provide the best hand toolswith value for money..


The mission of FACOM R & D is to meet your three main needs: to save time, to simplify your task and to guarantee your safety. All of facom hand tools are therefore developed to meet very
strict performance, strength, safety and ergonomic criteria.

Started in the first quarter of the 20th century, Facom has kept abreast of every major industrial development from 1918 to the present day… Trust in Facom.

  • Sockets 3/8\

    Facom, Series J.L Sockets 3/8" Drive


  • Wrench Sets

    Facom Wrench / Spanner Sets


  • Windsheild Cutter

    Facom Windsheild Cutter


  • Facom Torches

    Facom Torches


  • Facom Storage

    Facom Storage and Tool Boxes


  • Spot weld drill

    Facom Spot weld drill


  • Facom Cutters

    Facom Side & End Cutters


  • Facom Sockets 1/4\

    Facom Series R.LA Long 1/4" Drive


  • Facom 1/4\

    Facom Series R. Short Sockets Inch & Metric


  • Facom 3/8 Sockets

    Facom Series J. 3/8 Drive Short Sockets


  • Combi Wrench Met

    Facom Series 440. Combination Wrench Metric


  • Combi Wrench Inch

    Facom Series 440. Combination Wrench Inch


  • Facom Pistol

    Facom Pistol Drill


  • Facom Nano 1/4\

    Facom Nano 1/4" Drive Socket Sets


  • Facom M/Grip Pliers

    Facom Multigrip Grip Hand Pliers


  • Facom Multi Brush

    Facom Multi Brush Air Tool


  • Facom Locking Pliers

    Facom Locking Hand Pliers


  • Facom Hex Key

    Facom Hex Key


  • Facom Ratchets

    Facom Hand Ratchets


  • Facom Pliers

    Facom Hand Pliers


  • Facom Metrology

    Facom Digital Calipers & Dial Gauges


  • Facom Impact

    Facom Cordless Impact Gun - Wrench -Driver


  • Facom Angle Polishe & Pads


  • Facom air wrench

    Facom air wrench


  • Facom Air Saws

    Facom Air Sabre Saws


  • Facom Nibbler

    Facom Air Nibbler


  • Facom Air Chisel Hammer


  • Facom Air Grinders


  • Facom Adjustables

    Facom Adjustable Wrenches


  • Facom 39. Series Short Wrench Metric


  • Short Wrech Inch

    Facom 39. Series Short Wrench Inch


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