Facom Locking Hand Pliers

Facom Locking Hand Pliers

Facom – Save Time, Simplify the Task and Guarantee your SafetyThe number one producer of hand tools in Europe, Facom has been producing tools for more than 85 years.Sustained investment in machinery and automated systems, has allowed facom to maintain its lead in technology and cost control.


Part NumberLength



Nose Type

500225Short-NoseChromeLarge-Capacity Lock-Grip Plier
501250Long-NoseChromeLarge-Capacity Lock-Grip Plier
506250Long-NoseChromeLarge-Capacity Lock-Grip Plier
511250Slip-Joint Long-NoseChromeLarge-Capacity Lock-Grip Plier
516250Slip-Joint Long-NoseChromeLarge-Capacity Lock-Grip Plier
505270Slip-Joint Long-NoseChromeLarge-Capacity Lock-Grip Plier
580.6150Automatic Lock-Grip Angle-NoseChromeAutomatic Lock-Grip
250Automatic Lock-Grip Angle-NoseChromeAutomatic Lock-Grip
175Automatic Lock-Grip Long-NoseChromeAutomatic Lock-Grip
507A200Automatic Lock-Grip Short-NoseChromeAutomatic Lock-Grip
215Automatic Lock-Grip Long-NoseChromeAutomatic Lock-Grip
181.18CPE185 Twin Slip-Joint Multigrip ChromeLocking Plier
181.25CPE250Twin Slip-Joint MultigripChromeLocking Plier
185Twin Slip-Joint MultigripVarnishedLocking Plier
 181.25TE250Twin Slip-Joint MultigripVarnishedLocking Plier
181.18G180Twin Slip-Joint MultigripPVC GripsLocking Plier
181.25G245Twin Slip-Joint MultigripPVC GripsLocking Plier
181.30G304Twin Slip-Joint MultigripPVC GripsLocking Plier

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