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Aerospace & Commercial Installation Fastener Tools 

GAGE BILT riveting has provided Riveting Solutions and Industrial Fastener Tools since 1956. Please call us 02380 455443 to find the solution for your industry. 

Gage Bilt riveting tools are of the highest quality

Gage Bilt offer one of the largest ranges of Rivet gun and Pulling heads for the Aerospace and industrial market to gain access where other riveters have difficulty 

GAGE BILT manufactures more than 70 different models of Rivet guns, pulling heads and Fastener tools and owns several patents for innovative and ergonomic systems. 

GAGE BILT Installation Tools are constructed from aircraft quality materials to provide years of service. They are robust, heavy duty production rivet guns.  Gage Bilt tools are crafted to install a wide variety of aerospace and commercial fasteners.


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    Gage Bilt Riveter - Riveting Kits


  • Gage Bilt Pulling Head

    Gage Bilt Riveter - Riveting Gun Pulling Head


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    Gage Bilt Riveter - Rivet Guns


  • Desoutter Pistol Drill

    Gage Bilt Nut Plate Rivet Gun


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