Gedore RTU Dynamic Torque Limiters

RTU Dynamic Torque Limiters Torque range from 0.1 to 14 N.m
Accuracy. Accurate process control is ensured by eliminating under and over tightening, due to the unique proven Gedore Torque Slipping Technology.
Absolute accuracy is delivered time after time Ease of use. Simply install the RTU to the end of a traditional power tool or hand tool, converting it to
a torque tool Flexibility. A range of heavy duty torque limiters creates tools that are suitable for just about any occasion – and can be moved if required Power, where you need it. Powered assembly applications can be
performed accurately and quickly, including the tightening of bottles,
caps and lids Versatility. New higher range RTU gives users the ability to tighten torque up to 14 N.m Wide range of applications.
Can be used where conventional torque screwdrivers or wrenches
might not be appropriate Additional features Custom designs and higher torque settings are available RTU Dynamic Torque Limiters

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