Gedore DREMOTEST E Torque Calibration Analyser For Hand Tools

Gedore DREMOTEST E Torque Calibration Analyser For Hand Tools

DREMOTEST E Torque Calibration Analysers
Torque range from 0.2 to 3000 N.m
Robust, accurate Torque Calibration Analysers that are ideal for Hand Torque
Tools covering a wide torque range, in a Workshop or Repair environment.
ISO 1500/90° & ISO-A
Torque Loading Systems
Versatile Torque Loading Systems that enable precise Torque calibration and testing,
up to a surprisingly high level of torque, to be undertaken on your own premises.
Accurate and easy to use, the possibility of human error or variation is eliminated.
Accurate measurement. Easy to use,
robust Torque Calibration Analysers
providing +/-1% accuracy
Data management capability. A RS
232 output allows data to be exported
to Hyper Terminal Software
Full set of Accessories. Drive adaptor,
mains lead, connectors and Certificate
of Calibration all included

Long Service Life. Simple lightweight
design, backed up by a full Aftersales
and Recalibration Service
Versatility. Five models available
covering a range from 0.2 to 3000 N.m
Value for money. A comprehensive
package, at a competitive
price compared to traditional
Mechanical Analysers

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