Gedore TLS Preset Torque Screwdrivers

Gedore TLS Preset Torque Screwdrivers

Aluminium TLS Preset Torque Screwdrivers Torque range from 0.02 to 13.6 N.m

Absolute accuracy and consistency. Accurate process control is ensured by eliminating under and over tightening due to the proven slipping mechanism
Ease of use. Tools can be used by operators at any skill level, due to unique slipping mechanism
Improved production quality. Accurate torque application reduces the likelihood of warranty and rework
Increased production efficiency. Lightweight aluminium construction and smooth reset action of the tools increase production efficiency by reducing operator fatigue
Long tool life. High quality, robust construction
Operational versatility. These versatile tools are ideal for a wide range of applications, with wide torque range and one way slipping action option
Lightweight, high quality TLS Preset Torque Screwdriver range

TLS range (excluding 0022 range) supplied as standard with a quick converter adaptor to 1/4″ male square drive
For more information on ESD compliant versions. See page 25
Comprehensive range of Accessories, Bits and Blades. See pages 88-89
TLS Screwdrivers can be customised to your exacting requirements. See
TLS Screwdrivers are supplied with a pack of four interchangeable coloured end caps to allow easy identification of what tool is set to what torque value, hence making a job more efficient. (Order Code: 015999) l l l l (not supplied with TLS 0022 screwdrivers)
Additional features

Slipping Mechanism Incorrect tightening is impossible
A range of compact aluminium preset torque screwdrivers, each of which delivers the correct torque accurately and repeatedly.

All tools are also available with One Way (O/W) clockwise torque and anti clockwise torque.
These durable, versatile and lightweight tools can be used for Assembly, Maintenance and Servicing in any engineering or manufacturing environment

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