Gedore Torque wrenches

Gedore Torque wrenches
Torque Measuring Tools are used in many manufacturing and engineering businesses to check, determine or apply the correct level of torque, using a dial or digital readout. They perform a crucial role in Audit, Inspection, Production, Quality Control, Research & Development and Servicing environments.
Engineering and manufacturing depend upon the accurate application of torque to nuts, bolts and fasteners. In fact, torque is essential for process conformity, product safety and total reliability: service problems and product failure can often be the result of insufficient or excessive torque. Gedore Torque Measuring Tools minimise these problems by ensuring that the correct torque settings can be applied and checked, with absolute and repeatable accuracy.

  • Gedore TSN Preset Slipping Torque Wrenches Torque range from 1 to 125 N.m


  • Gedore Torque wrench End fittings


  • Gedore Torque wrench DREMOMETER


  • Gedore Torcotronic Digital Torque Wrench with Angle Torque range from 10 to 350 N.m


  • Gedore Torcofix Adjustable Clicker Torque Wrenches


  • Gedore TBN Preset Breaking Torque Wrenches Torque range from 0.4 to 200 N.m


  • Gedore Dial Measuring Torque Wrenches Torque range from 0.8 to 2000 N.m


  • Gedore ATB Adjustable Breaking Torque Wrenches Torque range from 0.5 to 10 N.m


  • Gedore 50V Low Voltage Insulated Torque Wrenches


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