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Gesipa Hand , Power Tools & Rivets

5 good reasons for choosing GESIPA®

In-depth consultation and close cooperation with our customers duringIn-depth consultation and close cooperation with our customers duringthe development phase as well as in series production ensureeffective joining solutions specifically adapted to individualapplications. Yet, already existing production processescan often be easily optimised technically bycombining several individual dimensions. Reducingstock helps to save logistics and handling costswhile lowering the risk of mix-up as well as theassociated additional costs in the productionprocess. GESIPA®’s international presenceand short delivery routes guarantee ourglobal customers complete availability andservice for all GESIPA® products. Addedto this, quality costs can be sustainablyreduced by comprehensive quality controlsprior to delivery and a variety of optionsin monitoring the setting process. With theinnovative complete system, consisting of thejoining element, riveting tool and joining method,GESIPA® offers comprehensive solution expertisefrom under one roof.

Gesipa Hand Power Tools Rivets

01 Profitability

01 ProfitabilityJoining elements specifically adapted to the application

02 Lower logistics costsReduction of parts diversity

03 Short delivery routesProduction locations in Europe, USA and Asia

04 Complete systemJoining elements, riveting tool and joining method

05 Lower quality costsDimension check in batches, operation documentationand setting process monitoring