Gesipa Pheumatic Taurus SRB Lockbolt Guns


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Gesipa Pheumatic SRB Taurus Lockbolt Guns

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Lockbolts are used where there are particularly highLockbolts are used where there are particularly highrequirements regarding the durability and vibration safetyof the connection. The connection requires the componentsof the lockbolt to be accessible from two sides. Because thelocking ring moulds into the retaining grooves during the settingprocess, the connection is extremely durable and secureagainst coming loose on its own.The GESIPA® lock bolt setting devices in the TAURUS® andBird® series have been developed using a modular conceptand are an ideal composition of experience and consistentfurther development by our experienced engineers.The lockbolt setting devices guarantee high-quality settingprocesses and therefore long-lasting and permanently tightconnections. In the truck & trailer field in particular, GESIPA®devices ensure fast, trouble-free working processes

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