Hand Arm Vibration Testing & Trigger Time Monitoring

Are You Protected Against HAV Hand Arm Vibration Testing Trigger Time  Monitoring?

What AP Tools Ltd Can Offer

AP Tools Ltd have technicians who are able to offer the knowledge and experience of the tools and consumables that should be used for any given process. This puts us in a very strong position to offer the very best service required.

To our knowledge, we are using the best possible software available for HAV certification and asset management.

Our service includes:

  • Hand Arm Vibration tool testing
  • Preventative Maintenance of tooling
  • Trigger Time Monitoring risk assesment
  • Total asset management to include type of tool, make and model
  • Re-call schedules
  • PDF’s supplied for all tool tests on request
  • Separate log sheets for area’s/departmentsManufacturers suggested
  • HAV level guidelines

Working with AP Tools Ltd means that a simple phone call for a particular piece of information is easily acquired and you will have the information to hand in the shortest amount of time.

We offer a range of services in this field of testing and dependent upon the customer’s needs we have a very competitive prices to suit on-site or off-site testing. However, it must be made clear that the most accurate tests are conducted with the operatives on-site, on the most common job and with the most common consumables.

We offer short presentations but can also provide one to suit the needs of your business on request:

  • HAV Testing , Trigger Time Monitoring and Repairs
  • Tooling Use and Consumables

At AP Tools Ltd we have what we like to call our ‘Triple A’ service. This goes particularly well with Hand-Arm Vibration. Have a look at all the information about HAV on our website and see if you are covered. If not then follow our 3-step guide and it will help to protect you from potential claims:

ADVISE – We have a number of dedicated HAV technicians who can offer advice on any aspect of your business. Read on and decide whether you think we are what you need. Maybe we can improve what you already have? Even if you just want to find out a bit more we are here to listen and advise:

ARRANGE – Now that you have called us you probably like what you have seen and heard. We are an honest, hard working company so arrange a meeting with us and we’ll come and see you for a free site consultation. It may be at this point that an assessment of your air flow is compiled to ensure accurate test data:

ADVANCE – Once you have decided on our service and you wish to move forward and be covered against claims for HAV, we will diarise a convenient date(s) to visit and implement the HAV Testing.

We continually work closely with the HSL, HSE and consultancy companies to ensure that we offer the most thorough service possible.

Labelling the Tools

Some companies use a tagging system after testing but we use a label. At AP Tools Ltd, we firmly believe that the more detail supplied on the label, the more informative it is for the customer. They can, therefore, choose to use what they want.

Once a tool has been tested the label is immediately applied. This will state the vibration type and exposure value/s, (EAV – Exposure Action Value and ELV – Exposure Limit Value). The value you use will depend on your own H&S guidelines along with advice from AP Tools Ltd. This value then refers to the ’trigger time’ on the tool. We use a simple traffic light system to make it easier for the operative, as shown below:

GREEN: Tool is generating less than 2.5m/s2 of vibration and can be used for more than 24 hours.

ORANGE: Vibration magnitude is between 2.5m/s2 and 4.99m/s2 and will generally be okay but ‘may have’ a time restriction on a normal 8 hour working day.

RED: Has a poor vibration result of over 5m/s2 and will have a restriction on its use over a working shift.
Another system often used in companies to simplify the use of tooling is a ‘points’ scale. Every individual has a maximum of either 100 or 400 points per day/shift and again, this will depend on the value/s used within the company or maybe even just for high risk individuals. Each tool tested has a ‘points per hour’ rating based on ‘trigger time’. This can enable employees to monitor their own use of tooling.

AP Tools Ltd can supply and fit trigger timers where necessary or on request and can assist with the supply of a useful HAV calculator which offers guidance on multi-tool usage. For further advice on this call us on

The Technicians

A P Tools ltd technicians have  over 20 years of engineering experience. technicians certificated by I.O.S.H, (Institute of Occupational Safety & Health), for Hand-arm vibration testing since July 2005 and have also conducted additional training in tooling repairs for many manufacturers. There is a dedicated team  with an array of skills and knowledge available and these technicians have also gained the same level of HAV qualification.

They are all ideally suited to assist any potential customer.

Additionally, there is also a very competent sales team who can assist, some of which have completed the same HAV qualification to enable clear and precise advice to our customers.

Repairs and Service

So now you may have sought after our services and had your tools tested for vibration exposure? If you have, maybe you found that the vibration levels have raised concerns? If so, we can assist.

HAV, servicing and repairs go hand in hand. Quality tooling and a satisfactory maintenance schedule will lower vibration exposure. The bullet points listed below are some of the obvious area’s which could cause higher results:

  • It could be the way the job is jigged, (if at all).
  • The consumable could be faulty or of poor quality.
  • The tool could be overdue a good service or
  • The equipment is old, worn-out or unfit for the application.

Maybe you haven’t had the tools tested yet and just have concerns over the condition of your tooling?

Whichever of the above applies to you, AP Tools Ltd is able to help.

We have years of experience and knowledge and can advise on the correct tooling, consumables and application.

Over the last 17 years we have gained links with many manufacturers. This relationship, along with a reputation for top quality repairs and service has seen us gain a reputation for being one of the leading Aerospace tooling suppliers along the south coast. This reputation has seen us become accredited as official warranty repair agents for some of our key accounts. This has put us in a strong position to be able to offer very competitive prices and, where bulk purchasing is concerned, are often able to pass on discounts to our customers. This would of course be subject to discussions.

As we supply top quality tooling, AP Tools Ltd are always keen to apply with the ‘Smooth Tooling Policy’ in mind. Manufacturers have to supply vibration exposure results by law and we always seek to supply the very best possible for any given process. It does however have to be noted that the information supplied via the manufacturer isn’t relevant to your own application, so it is still important to have these tools tested once supplied.

In Summary: We offer the facts and knowledge gained from many years experience. When you wish to move forward with HAV testing please contact us.

  • HAVi Meter & HAVi IS / Trigger Time Monitor


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