Hand tools

Hand Tools

PRECISION AIRFRAME Hand TOOLING after years of experience in Aerospace & Airframe tooling, we have every imaginable tool when it comes to quality hand tools. When you need the right answer on Airframe Manufacturing ,maintenance and repair tools, we’re unmatched in the market place. And if we don’t have the right answer to most of your problems, 

  • Skin Wedge Set


  • Hi-Lok Hand Ratchets with Through hole For Hex Keys.


  • Hi-Lok Hand Installation & Removal Tools


  • Hi-Lok Removal Tool

    Hi-Lok Collar Removal tools


  • Hi-Lok Box wrench


  • Hand Pliers Hi-Lok


  • Hand G Clamps


  • Facom Wrench Set AF / Inch


  • Combi Wrench AF

    Facom Series 440. Combination Spanner / Wrench Inch


  • Socket Set 1/4\

    Facom Nano Socket Set 1/4" Drive


  • 1/4\

    Facom Inch Series R. 1/4" Drive Short Sockets


  • Wrench Short AF

    Facom 39. Series Wrench Short Inch


  • Automatic Clamps

    Automatic Clamps


  • Aerospace driver bits

    Aerospace Screwdriver Driver Bits


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A full-service staff of experts who can create a custom tool solution made to specific requirements

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Hand Arm Vibration Testing

We offer a range of services in this field of testing