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Lubbering Instalation Tools

Always very exact: AP Tools Ltd working closely with Lubbering for your tooling solutions 

Precise manual work and skills are key to the working processes for the assembly of precision tools at AP Tools Ltd.

In our assembly and service department, our team of engineers work on projectsfor the Aerospace and General industry, whether for standard or bespoke tooling solutions.

Many years of experience in the tooling industry enable us to adjust the tools even before the first test procedures have taken place.

Development orders for design are prepared, dates are fixed and forwarded directly to the sales department.

Lubbering tools can be fitted to most Desoutter Screwdrivers,Angle Wrenches, B Flex & E-LIT Cordless and DC tooling

 New Heads


A screw system for hard-to-reach places has many names among users and solicitors:

Flat drive, screw tongue, special gear or crowfoot. We call the latest generation of our screw systems L.SP3. L.SP3 stands for the 3rd generation Lübbering standard program.

What is often considered a special solution is standard for us. The consolidation of previous product lines like Basic-Line, Aero-Line or High-Line led to the development of a modular, more compact, more efficient product program with L.SP3. In addition to a multi-year product analysis, the knowledge from the fields of design, production, assembly and quality assurance has also been developed. The goal of high modularity was never lost sight of with increasing quality and user friendliness. With the 460,000 combination possibilities that L.SP3 has to offer, we can assert with full conviction that Lübbering has a standard tool for your individual screwdriving. We have made special solutions to our standard and can react flexibly to your customization requirements with L.SP3. Convince yourself of the multitude of possibilities and generate your own screw system with our L.SP3 Configurator simply by yourself. With just a few clicks you get both the drawing and all technical, relevant data on your L.SP3 solution – from the output profile to the angle, rod or gun screwdriver. The flat jibs from Lübbering convince not only technically, but also in terms of design. In 2015 the product program L.SP3 won the Red Dot Award in the “Honorable Mention” category and the 2016 IF Design Award. These product design awards were awarded to Lübbering for a particularly successful aspect of design work.   The advantages of L.SP3 at a glance: Process reliability through higher accuracy classes Large standard program up to 250 Nm Smaller and more compact design Improved ergonomics Flexibility through a wide range of variants Maintenance-friendly Long lifetime

Lubbering Drilling Tools

Always very exact: AP Tools Ltd working closely with Lubbering for your tooling solutions 

Lubbering drills

An aeroplane is assembled with several hundred rivets and screws. In order to insert these connectors, it is necessary to drill through diverse material layers of the components. As the decrease in fuel consumption as well as in CO2 emissions is the aim, aeroplane components are made from titanium and aluminium but also from lightweight materials like CFK. Such precise drillings in complex material mixing packages claim technically highest requirements. To be able to fulfil these, well-known aircraft manufacturers like Airbus and Boeing rely on Lübbering drilling units – intelligent, technically completed systems with the most precise drilling results, exactly tailored to the individual needs of the aerospace industry.

Apart from pneumatic and electronic drilling units there is a variety of modular solutions which accelerate, improve or even make the drilling process possible at all. Take a look at these various solutions:

  • MQL System: It is used for drillings with inner tubes so that the cooling lubricant directly cools down the tool, at the hottest spot of the drilling
  • Micro Peck System “Sine-Feed”: Long chips are broken with a sine like undulation and therefore finest chips are thrown off. One drilling – exactly like the other.
  • Automatic material identification: L.ADU determines itself the kind of material and coordinates the drilling speed simultaneously.Erste pneumatische High-Speed Advanced Drilling Units
  • Shorter drilling process: L.ADU determines itself when the drilling is finished and turns back directly. Regarding the large number of drillings this leads to an enormous time saving.

The standard programme of drilling systems, which is continuously extended in its functions, has been used for different applications in the aerospace industry since 1994. 
From development of mechanical and electronic components through production of all assemblies up use and service, Lübbering offers complete systems which are exactly tailored to individual requirements.

Our technical engineers at A P Tools Ltd are also available for the initial startup procedures at your premises – a service we provide our customers in the home market.

Please call 02380 455443 or email for further information

  • Lubbering Tools

    Lubbering Tools Installation Guns


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