NITTO KOHKI Power Tools Machines

NITTO KOHKI Electric & Cordless Tools

Electric Tools

State-of-the-art tools pursuing ultimate functionality. Full line-up of “Task-force” models completely meeting on-site needs. We have developed lightweight, easy-to-use, powerful, efficient and high quality professional tools.

  • EJC-32A Needle Scaler
  • ECB-0203 Chamfering tool
  • EMB-0307B Chamfering tool
  • MB-030A Chamfering tool
  • HB-15B Chamfering tool
  • WA-3500 ATRA ACE (Automatic Feed)

  • WA-5000 ATRA ACE (Automatic Feed)

  • CLA-2720 ATRA ACE (Cordless)
  • WOJ-3200 ATRA ACE (Manual Feed)
  • AO-5575 ATRA ACE (Manual Feed)
  • Lo-3550 ATRA ACE (Manual Feed)