Sioux DR & 146 Pneumatic Drill D Handle

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Sioux DR & 146 Pneumatic Drill D Handle

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Sioux carries an extensive selection of drill accessories, including hole saws and wire brushes. See the drill accessory section in this catalog for a comprehensive listing. Drill Safety Chips can cause eye injury. Drilling creates chips. Proper eye protection must be worn at all times by tool user and bystanders. Broken drill bits can cause eye injury. Proper eye protection must be worn at all times by tool user and bystanders. Sudden and unexpected tool movement can cause injury. Be sure your body position allows you to have control of the tool at all times. Make sure your footing is secure. Tools starting unexpectedly can cause injury. Always remove tool from air supply and activate trigger to bleed air line before making any adjustments, changing accessories, or doing any maintenance or service on the tool. Drill Principles of Operation An air motor and reduction gearing are used to drive a spindle / drill chuck, which holds accessories for drilling, reaming, tapping, and hole sawing. Motor size (horsepower), gear ratio, handle style and drive spindle determine the type of tool needed to handle an application.

Drill Uses Pneumatic drills may first be thought of for drilling holes in wood, metal, or plastic. Drills are used in a wide variety of applications. Each of these applications require the proper tool with the proper horsepower and speed to get the best results. Drilling – cutting a hole in material using a fluted bit. Reaming – opening up or sizing a previously drilled hole or aligning offset holes. Tapping – cutting threads in a drilled hole to accept threaded fasteners. Where Used Continuous-duty production drilling For initial tap operations and thread chasing Wire brushing and deburring Screwdriving Hole sawing General Maintenance Considerations for Selecting Drills What type of material is being drilled? What size of hole will need to be drilled? What are your horsepower requirements? What speed requirements do you have?

Sioux D handle Drills

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